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    October 14, 2016

    June 13, 2017
    July 4, 2016
        "7 Sources of Randomness"
    May 20, 2016
    May 15, 2016
    April 27, 2016

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        "A Toast! To Type 15!"

(newsmagazine of the Mathematical Association of America)
        "Directors Retire after Four Decades of Putting on the Putnam" (pp.12-14)
        "New Putnam Director Takes the Wheel" (pp.14-15)
    December 2016/January 2017
        "Three Mathematicians Walk into a Carriage House..." (pp.26-29)
        "Visiting Mathematicians Jump-Start Long-Term Projects" (pp.32-34)
        "Castillo-Chavez Named Next Pólya Lecturer" (p.10)
        "Tanton-Hacker Debate Contributes to Ongoing Discussion of Math Education" (pp.11-13)
        "Combating Education Inequity: MAA Distinguished Lecture" (pp.7-8)
        "K-12 Math Education: What Mathematicians Can Do" (pp.23-24)
        "Testing for Change: URSIP Aims to Shape Instruction" (pp.26-27) 
        "Parsing the Standards for Mathematical Practice" (pp.11-13)
        "Centennial Lectures: Echoes" (pp.9-11)
        "Core Info about the Common Core for Mathematics" (pp.22-23)
        "The Wrong Door, or Why Math Gets a Bad Rap" (pp.27-28)
        "How Geometry Has Influenced Everything" (pp.33-34)
        "Common Core Standards: Why You Should Care" (pp.6-7)   
        "National Math Festival Brings Math to the Mall" (pp.4-5)
        "Distinguished Lecture: Bubbly Mathematics" (pp.12-13) 
        "Math and Art Intersect in Man Ray Exhibition" (pp.4-6) 
        "Prime Progress Invigorates Math Minds" (pp.16-17)
        "Jim Angelo Hired as Director of Publications" (p.7) 
        "Visiting Mathematician Reaches Out" (p.8)
        "Topology Meets Chemistry" (pp.13-14)
        "Lee Lorch, Equity, and the MAA" (pp.15-16)
        "Rare Double Win for Writer" (pp.6-7)
        "Teaching Award Winners at MAA MathFest" (pp.8-9)
        "Make the MOOC Work for You" (pp.14-15)  
        "Monthly Showcases Mathematical Biology" (p.20)
        "Team USA Takes Second in Cape Town" (p.22)
        "Connecting Competition Problems and Research" (p.23)
        "Computing Center Named for Past MAA President" (p.6)
        "Former MAA Director of Competitions Mientka Dies" (p.6)
        "Richard Guy, 97, Climbs Tower for Charity" (p.7)
        "Problem Editors: The Unsung Heroes of the MAA" (pp.8-9)
        "AMC 8 Early Adopter Encourages Participation" (p.16)
        "Inquiry-Based Learning: An Epidemic of Wellness" (pp.18-19)
        "A More Hands-On, Minds-On Meeting" (pp.19-21)
        "A Very Giving Crowd" (p.21)
        "USAMO Winners Celebrated—And Challenged" (pp.24-26)
        "MIT Wins Putnam Competition" (p.28)
        "Game On in the September CMJ" (p.30)
        "Math by the Minute on Capitol Hill" (pp.4-5)
        "Video Shorts Widen MAA Lectures' Audience" (pp.14-15)
        "MAM 2014—One for the History Books" (pp.29-30)
        "Sessions Aim to Make Math Talks More Accessible" (pp.4-5)
        "3D Printing Yields Student Enthusiasm" (p.8)
        "Current Reading in the MAA Journals" (p.12)
        "Doing the Math on MAA Section Boundaries" (pp.15-17)
        "Host an AMC Contest—And Have Fun Doing It" (pp.17-18)
        "Pólya Lectureship Brings Great Speakers to Sections" (pp.19-20)
        "Interstellar Online: The New Face of Mathematics Competitions?" (pp.26-7)
        "Brams Applies Game Theory to Shakespeare" (p.11)
        "MAM 2014: Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery" (p.13)
        "Clinical Randomization, Revisited" (pp.26-27)
        "A Change of the Math Horizons Guard" (pp.28-29)
        "Michael Jones on Deck for Math Mag Editorship" (p.29)
        "Math Ed Matters Blog Off the Starting Blocks" (p.36)
        "MPE 2013 Lives Beyond Its Name" (p.37)
        "Alder Award Winners: Grandma Got STEM" (pp.8-9)
        "CMJ Special Issue Marks End of Henle's Editorship" (p.19)
        "Project Puts AMC Problems to Work in Classroom" (pp.22-23)
        "Kennedy Takes Over as Book Acquisitions Editor" (p.24)
        "MOVES Meeting Bounces with Flagrant Fun" (pp. 27-29)
        "USAMO Winners Honored in Washington, D.C." (pp.6-7)
        "CMJ Special Issues to Highlight Games, Environment" (p.8)
        "Charles Hadlock: Undercover Mathematician" (pp.10-11)
        "Museum of Mathematics on a (Square-Wheeled) Roll" (pp.14-15)
        "Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference Pitches a Big Tent" (pp.22-23)
        "Math, Medics, and Metaphor" (pp.22,24)
    June/July 2013    
        "Harvard Takes Top Honors at Putnam" (p.6)
        "Mary Lou Zeeman Tackles Tipping Points" (pp.7-8) 
        "Math and Music Enthrall Audience at MAA Distinguished Lecture" (pp.9-10)
        "Workshop Shows Math in Sustainability Contexts" (pp.15-16)
        "Monthly Paper Leads to Economics Nobel" (pp.4-5)
        "Hopkins Selected as Editor-Elect of the CMJ" (p.16)
        "Politics and Mathematics Intersect" (pp.25-26)
        "Remarkable Interaction: Math and Computers" (p.16)
        "The Many Faces of the IBL Instructor" (pp.23-24)
        "A Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival in D.C." (pp.13, 15)
        "De Veaux Demystifies Data Mining" (pp.18-19)
        "A Linear Algebraic Approach to Bracketology" (p.5)
        "James Yorke Comes at Chaos from Many Angles" (pp.16-17)
        "Gathering for Logic Puzzles" (p.4)
        "The Startling Unity of Discrete Mathematics" (p.10)
    June/July 2011
        "Conformal Transformation Fills in Escher Mystery" (p.13)
    December 2010/January 2011
        "Hello Holonomy" (p.6)
    June/July 2010 
        "James Stewart Presents 'Mathematics and Music' at MAA Distinguished Lecture" (p.19)

maa.org (website of the Mathematical Association of America)
        "Math and the Vote"
        "Games People Don't Play"
        "Start Your Own Netflix"
        "Putting Topology to Work"
Geek Monthly
    August 2009
        "Rational Romance: Mathematicians on the Search for a Soulmate"

    January/February 2008
        "Earthy Sentiments"

    August 10, 2007
        "A new meaning for post-consumer"

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        "Paper Profits from Sheep Dung"