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Personal essay

Philosophy Now
    May/June 2013
        "Wasps on Autopilot"

    March 11, 2013

Western Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

    Spring 2013

    September 2011
        "Math Therapy"
    February 2011
        "The Edge of My Seat"
    April 2010
        "Channeling Galois"
    September 2009
        "Delta for Your Epsilon: Finding Your Match Mathematically"

    December 2010
        "Call It As It Is"

    December 2010
        "It Takes Two"

    March/April 2010
        "The Apostate Daughter"

    July/August 2008
        "But You Deceived Me! The Necessity of Deception in Investigation of the Paranormal"

Walk About Magazine
    January/February 2008

    January/February 2008
        "Give Math a Chance"